“I wanted to tell you my news which is I’ve won the Bridport prize. It’s with a story I started in your class. The Woodcutter’s Wife won first prize in the Bridport, judged by Zoe Heller. I did find that whole first term with you very inspirational.” – Alison Fisher, winner of Bridport Prize 2011

“Umi is one of the best literary tutors in the country. She has a huge knowledge of all types of literature and a memory that never seems to fail. She is also an excellent writer with a real understanding of the novel and short story forms, so I have faith in her feedback. She has helped many times when I’ve been stuck or unsure, and she has never failed me. I could not want for a better tutor and advisor. In fact, I never enter any work without consulting her first.” – Kevin Parry, Bridport prizewinner 1995, 2007 and 2011; Fish prizewinner  1998 and 2000; articles and stories published Soundings, Wasafiri and Kunapipi and other anthologies

“Umi has given me consistently constructive criticism which has not only improved the quality of my work but also encouraged me to continue to write and – most importantly – to continue to enjoy the process. She has a real editor’s eye and is as likely to spot a missing word or comma as an inaccuracy or flaw in plot or characterisation.”Sue Eckstein, Radio 4 playwright and author of ‘The Cloths of Heaven’ and ‘Interpreters’

“Umi is meticulous both in her reading and in her response to students’ work. Her feedback is always insightful and rigorous and she always sees the strengths of the fiction she is reading. She offers constructive suggestions and is always supportive and enthusiastic and wholly committed to her students. Her input is invaluable, balanced, honest and exactly what a writer needs.” – Henrietta Seredy / Soames, author of ‘Leaving Imprints’, ‘At The Hall’ and ‘A Play of Light’

“Umi is my sister. She is usually the first person to see anything I’ve written. Every book of mine has benefited from her keen ear and insight. She is an honest and tough critic. I’ve learned to trust her advice, however challenging, because she is always genuinely and passionately on the side of the work. In matters of good writing I can’t think of anyone whose judgement I trust more.”Indra Sinha, author of ‘The Cybergypsies‘, ‘The Death of Mr Love’ and ‘Animal’s People’, shortlisted for the Booker Prize, 2007

“Umi is a very gifted writing coach. She’s not an easy ride for a writer as she sets a very high bar on quality and will expect you to do the same. I now have a clearer sense of when I write well, when I am lazy and a deeper understanding of what I am really writing about, as opposed to what I think I am writing about.” – Julia Noakes, Psychologist

“Umi’s feedback is both sensitive and honest. She pays meticulous attention to detail, while paying attention to the work as a whole. Tuition sessions are both rewarding and enjoyable, and highly recommended.” – James Burt, writer

“I studied with you at Sussex University on the CCE program. With a lot of hard work and thanks to you I am getting my first book published and am including you in the acknowledgments.” – Danny Hogan, author of ‘Killer Tease’, ‘Jailbait Justice’ and The Windowlicker Maker’

“Umi Sinha is a naturally gifted teacher, one blessed with the ability to inspire would be writers, not only by example, but also by positive criticism linked with her deep personal interest in their subject matter. She possesses that rare ability to unravel confused writing and return the writer to his desired path of thought without bruising his sensitivity.” – William Mount